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The Research Centre of Quarantine, Invasive and Genetically Modified Organisms was established on July 1, 2009. It is a modern and unique unit in the country, fulfilling the highest phytosanitary requirement’s standards (SL3) defined in directives of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of June 28, 2004 (Monitor No. 158, entry 1660) and EPPO standard PM3/64(1). The object also fulfils II/III degree of leak tightness for the research with the use of genetically modified organisms defined by directive of Environment Minister of November 29, 2002 (Monitor No. 212, entry 1798).

In the Centre will be carried out the investigations on harmfulness, biology and control of quarantine and invasive organisms, also with the use of genetically modified organisms. The research will be performed by scientific workers of the Institute of Plant Protection – National Research Institute in Poznań, where necessary background will be provided by the Centre personnel. In the Centre there also will be carried out the research work ordered by other research units as well as by the national subjects.

All interested are welcome to cooperate.