Research Centre of Quarantine, Invasive and Genetically Modified Organisms in The Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute offer:

  • performing studies on biology, ecology and harmfulness of quarantine and invasive species of nematodes, insects fungi and slugs,
  • performing studies using quarantine species and strains of bacteria and viruses,
  • performing studies using genetically modified organisms,
  • greenhouse cabins for performing the above research,
  • laboratory for conducting research using equipped with contrast-phase microscope, stereoscopic microscope, fume cupboard etc.,
  • performing expertise on identifying quarantine organisms,
  • performing research and taking pictures using the electron microscope – Scanning Electron Microscope S3000N of Hitachi Co.

We offer the greenhouse cabins and laboratories:

  • 15 greenhouse cabins, the area of each ca 14 m2,
  • optionally configurable benches,
  • precise regulation of temperature from 200 C to 350 C  ± 0.50 C,
  • precise regulation of humidity in the range 50 – 80% ± 3%,
  • automatic internal and external shade screens,
  • negative pressure system preventing to release of studied organisms,
  • closed water circulation,
  • control of access,
  • 24 hrs monitoring, unique cabin for studying nematodes,
  • 5 specialized laboratories (nematological, entomological, bacteriological, virological, mycological),
  • diagnostic laboratory,
  • central sterilizing service, electronic microscopy unit,
  • conference room with full multimedia equipment.